I'm Clémentine, a French illustrator living in Sydney.
Blule is my brand for all things ink, brushes and pencils,
kind of like my superhero mask.
And this is my website.

Colour Up Your Day

This is the home of the Colour Up Your Day project.
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My Shop

I sell original paintings and high quality printed reproductions on my online shop.
I can ship worldwide, and regular shipping is free !
Colour up your home, or give unique and personal gifts to your loved ones.
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Hire Me

I'm available!
As an illustrator with an extensive experience and a wide range of styles and techniques, I'm able to pretty up any of your magazine, website, children bookcontent
I also do commisioned work. Tell me your story, I'll make an image of it you can then share with the ones that count.
Drop me an email at so we can discuss your project.

Visit My Studio

If you're lucky enough to be in Sydney, come and visit me in my studio: L'Atelier de Blule
It's located 23C Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach

This is where I paint, most of the day, most days of the week
(although, send me a message if you plan to come by, I might be enjoying the sun at the beach down the road).

Get In Touch

If you have any question about my art or my products.
If you have any project you would like me to get involved with.

Just send me an email:
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